1. Membership cards are non-transferable; please don’t be passing them around.
  2. Members are allowed as many as three guests per visit. We’re happy to accommodate larger parties, but please let us know in advance.
  3. Remember a good party is never spoiled by your friend but, rather, that friend of a friend who tags along. Please choose wisely.
  4. No one under 25 is permitted unless accompanied by an adult.
  5. Please do not speak to a lady at the bar without first being spoken to. It isn’t that kind of place.
  6. In keeping with our goal of promoting temperance, we will refuse service to patrons who may have accidentally had one too many.
  7. Please respect the privacy of other members. Members are asked not to discuss events at The Toronto Temperance Society with members of the media.
  8. Please excuse yourself from the bar for all phone calls, fist fights, serious smooches and absinthe hallucinations.
  9. Those who believe that alcohol is a menace to society are welcome at all times. But please keep quiet.