Toronto Temperance Society

Toronto Temperance Socitey

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We are currently accepting applications for membership to The Toronto Temperance Society, in hopes of adding to our community of friends and clients who are devoted to spending time together practising "the art of drinking well."


Members can join for the monthly fee of $25. Spaces are limited, however, since we are mindful that crowds are not conducive to enjoying fine drinks, good music and good company.

Members and their guests will have access to one of the finest selection of spirits and alcoholic minglings in Toronto. Members are advised to call first to secure a table for themselves and their guests.

In addition, members will be invited to attend the frequent seminars and spirited educational events which will take place at the Toronto Temperance Society. Once a month, guest experts will conduct professional single malt, bourbon, rum, tequila, gin and absinthe tastings. On these special afternoons, we can further educate our palates, learn about the science of taste and discover the art and science of boutique distillations and craft spirits. These events will be open to members only and provide us with an opportunity to taste products otherwise unavailable in Ontario.